Single tracks

85€ /track (68,55€ 0% VAT)

2+ tracks

70€ /track (56,45€ 0% VAT)

  • Minimum album charge (+30 minutes) is 550€ (443,55 0% VAT)
  • 0% VAT prices apply for non-EU clients and EU clients with a valid VAT number

Lacquer cuts

7" & 10"

150€ /side (120,97€ 0% VAT)

12" less than ~20 minutes

180€ /side (145,16€ 0% VAT)

12" more than ~20 minutes

225€ /side (181,45€ 0% VAT)

  • The prices do not include shipping
  • Cuts from masters done elsewhere: +100€ /project


I bill for mastering on a per-track basis. For a single track I charge 85€, and for two or more tracks 70€ per track. For any albums lasting over 30 minutes, I keep a minimum charge of 550€.

For example, a four-track EP would be 280€, a ten-track album 700€, and a six-track, 35-minute album would be 550€. Prices include the 24% value-added tax (0% VAT prices stated next to the price).

The lacquer cutting prices are stated as per side of the record. For a normal 12" record you need two sides. The prices do not include packaging and shipping costs to the pressing plant. The price for 12" lacquer disc reference copies is 50.00€ + shipping costs. I only provide reference copies along with a master lacquer order.

Separate instrument tracks, radio edits, and other additional tracks cost an additional 10€ per track when done in the same session (incl. 24% VAT).

If edits are made afterwards, I charge slightly more because I have to restore all the settings manually, and the workload is therefore greater.

Vinyl masters as files for elsewhere to be cut: 7" & 10" = 25€, and 12" = 50€ (incl. 24% VAT).
Mastering from two stems (such as vocals and backing tracks) is included in the price. As the number of tracks increases, the workload increases and pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis. Contact me for details.
I offer a full satisfaction guarantee for my work. Changes to the mastering work are included in the price until both parties are satisfied - within reasonable limits. If new replacement mixes are provided during the revision process or if changes are made to the project after approved masters have been delivered, additional work will be billed at an hourly rate: 100€ /h (incl. VAT 24%).

For difficult cutting work (for example long album sides, loud cuts), I recommend purchasing a 12" reference disc before the actual cutting. If this is not done, the customer agrees to rely on my judgment on the sound quality, and any recuts will be done at the client's expense.