Before the mastering

Prepping and sending the mixes

Book the time for the mastering well in advance, preferably by email. Mastering for a single track can usually be done within a week, longer projects within 2-4 weeks.

The mixes should preferably not be processed with any limiting on the master bus and they should come with sufficient headroom. Please deliver 24-32 bit WAV/AIFF stereo files at the same sample rate the mixes were recorded and mixed at. I am happy to do the sample rate conversions myself.

If you are sending stems, please make sure that the tracks synchronize correctly, the files are of same length, and that they sum to the same balance as the original mix. Still, include the original stereo mix as a reference. Please check the files for functionality before sending and compress them in a ZIP/RAR archive if possible.

If you wish, you can submit material through my Wetransfer account:

Information needed for the mastering:

  • Track order
  • Metadata (track/artist/record name)
  • ISRC codes, if used
  • Any specific requests
  • Billing address

Information needed for cutting the lacquer masters:

  • Side split
  • Cataloque/matrix number
  • Address for the pressing plant used